Multi-instrumentalist Mariah Ver Hoef [Vur-Hoof] has opened for major artists k.d. Lang, Indigo Girls and Dar Williams, been a repeating #1 artist on Jango Internet radio, and released three full length albums of original songs, all before starting college at age seventeen.

Influenced by artist such as Linda Ronstadt, Vanessa Carlton, Fleetwood Mac, and Nickel Creek, Ver Hoef has developed a sound that crosses genres. Somewhere between folk and pop she has created a body of work that varies from simple acoustic to electric guitar-driven songs. Her albums have grown in strength as she has matured, and she continues to shape her own style. Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, much of Ver Hoef's early work was inspired by the striking beauty of the wild and harsh climate of where she lived. Now, she writes about change and the simple fact of growing up.

Ver Hoef started her musical career at age five when she began classical training on the violin, but she grew tired of the strict rules of the classical world and taught herself guitar at age ten. About a year later she wrote her first song during a year she spent in Seattle, but she didn't start writing seriously until she returned to Fairbanks at age twelve. Being educated at home allowed her the freedom to pursue her passions and nearly every spare moment she had she spent with her guitar.

With a hand-held digital recorder and some free online mixing software Ver Hoef self recorded, performed, mixed, produced and manufactured her first full length album “Memories” under the stage name of Mariah Z. Although an impressive feat in of itself, Ver Hoef wasn't satisfied with the simplicity of her first attempt and decided to record her second album at 10th Planet, a local recording studio. With the help of the owners and outstanding musicians, Pat Fitzgerald and Robin Dale Ford, and a former fellow-homeschooler, Sabe Flores, Ver Hoef released “So Far Away” in July of 2009.

So Far Away” gained Ver Hoef a fair amount of recognition on the internet, especially on Jango internet radio, where she was repeatedly in the top ten artists. Pleased with the positive response, Ver Hoef was already working on her third record, “Space Between Two Worlds.” With two albums already under her belt, Ver Hoef's skills had grown not only as a songwriter and musician but as a producer as well. Adding several more instruments to her repertoire, including electric guitar and keyboard, Ver Hoef was able to lay down all the tracks excepting the percussion and bass, giving her the ability to create a sound that was truly her own.

The spring of 2011 brought Ver Hoef the opportunity for two music tours: one in Alaska and one in Europe. Her music was well received by both live and radio audiences.

Ver Hoef continues to write songs while attending the University of Alaska, Fairbanks full time. Apart from her music, she enjoys skiing, hiking, rock climbing, art and spending time with her older brother, Lander, to whom she dedicated her latest album, “Space Between Two Worlds.”